Track Track

DogTracks is a new and innovative app that has been designed to make tracking with your dogs a more fun and easier experience. With this app, you can lay tracks for your dog to follow, take tracks with your dog, and even send tracks to other dog owners.

To lay a track, all you have to do is walk the track yourself, place articles along the way, and mark their position on the map in your phone. As you are laying the track, you will be able to see a map image of the track with the articles laid out. The app will also provide you with a summary that includes the length of the track, how long it took you to walk it, and the number of articles you placed.

Taking a track with your dog is just as easy. As your dog follows the trail, the app will draw a new track and automatically mark the articles that your dog finds. You can see your own track and follow your dog’s track in real-time, and when you and your dog have both completed the track, you will see a map image that displays both of your tracks and all of the articles found. You can log weather and wind conditions and even write your own track notes.

One of the great things about DogTracks is that you can send a track to another dog owner. This means that you can either use the track yourself or share it with someone else who can then take the track with their dog. You can send the track as a normal track, which means that the entire laid track and all articles are displayed from the start, or you can send it as a blind track, which only displays the start point of the laid track. Once the blind track is finished and saved, all articles and the laid track are displayed.

In conclusion, DogTracks is a must-have app for all dog owners who love to track with their dogs. It is user-friendly, easy to use, and offers a range of features that make tracking with your dogs a more enjoyable and interactive experience. So, if you’re looking for a new way to bond with your furry friend, give DogTracks a try today!